The NFL Draft Nears

With just over 24 hours left before the draft, the 2011 class and the NFL fan base around the world are pondering what the next 4 months has in store for the National Football League. While this is the case, the Bengal fan base is pondering something else, is this the end of the Carson Palmer ara? Who will be taking snaps under center come 2011. Will we be looking at Cam Newton? the controversial yet immensely
talented QB from Auburn? Could it be Blaine Gabbert, the all star Missouri QB who passed for over 3000 yards this past year? Maybe it’s a QB like Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton. One thing is for sure, Bengal Nation is starting to accept the reality that Palmer is as good as gone. As the Flurry of reports have come out about Palmer wanting to be traded, Palmer did nothing to water down those reports, only fueling them by Acknowledging that the reports were in deed true. Making things more interesting for Bengal Nation, we know now what we have known for quite some time now, the artist formally known as Chad Johnson is not coming back. We also know that the 2011 Cincinnati Bengals will have a much different look on offense. We know that the TE and slot WR spot is set with Shipley and Jermaine Gresham, but the fact that the finally emerging Jerome Simpson and andre Caldwell being in the last year of their contracts will force the Bengals to address this need via draft. I am on the lines of get your QB later and take the best prospect in this years draft, A.J Green, his guy will make Bengal Nation forget about Ochocinco. The so called Draft experts have talked about a flurry of QBs to be taken in this years draft, while this maybe true, I see at least one QB out of the possible 7 that will  be there for the Bengals choosing. We have Cam Newton who will surely go to Carolina 1st overall, we have Blaine Gabbert who might not even be there at 4 when the Bengals pick being the Bills at 3 need a QB, after the top two are off the board, that will leave Jake Locker who should go in the mid to late 1st round,  the sliding Ryan Mallet who has a cannon of an arm,  Christian Ponder who was up for the heisman this year, Andy Dalton from TCU, and Colin Kaepernick from Nevada. I would find it very hard to believe that 7 QB’S will go before the Bengals pick again at 34, if this is the case, I’d be stunned. Here is the dilemma with the Bengals front office, if they select a QB with their 4th overall pick.. that will leave no wiggle room in the Carson Palmer saga and more so if the league does not agree to a rookie wage scale. As an owner, you are not going to pay a rookie QB 60 mill+ and a ” franchise” QB  over 100 mill, and I use this word lightly because Palmer is only deserving of that title. based on pay. If Mike Brown means what he says he does and has no intentions of trading Palmer to say someone like Seattle, the smart thing to do is Draft your WR in the first round, invest your big money at that position then go QB in the second where the pay scale drops off ten fold. In essence you are giving Palmer something to ponder.. no pun intended, a big time Weapon in A.J Green and then you get your QB of the future to develop slowly. We know that taking a QB in the first round can go one of two ways, it can go Alex smith, Jamarcus Russell, or it can go Matty Ice, Sam Bradford..and we know the Raiders are still recovering from the Jamarcus Russell past.

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